Waki’s quiet Bach organ album 22nd Aug 2017

The next album of an ambient musician waki, is Bach. Most of the songs of the album were carefully taken from J.S.Bach’s “The Orgelbüchlein”, bunch of small organ songs. And the music were programmed and arranged by waki using his favorite computer software “SunVox”. Soothing and quiet stuff, best for at night. To be issued around 22nd August of 2017.

Interview with Ladislav Trojak of VSTZone, a VST vender.

We could make an interview with the guy of a VST vender, VST ZONE as he saw my review of his synth on Youtube channel.

Here are what i asked and the answers that includes the information of VSTZONE’s future plan that is never exposed before. Enjoy.


Where are you located in? How do you describe your city?

VST Zone is in Slovakia – Kosice city. It is small city full of crazy people like me :). No it is not different from any other small towns anywhere in the world.

How many people are involved in VST ZONE at the moment?

At the beginning there were 4 people. Now I’m not sure. One maybe two.

And can you tell the each role of the members?

What’s left is me. Guy with crazy ideas and maker of the plugins. There is also 2nd responsible for web and also facebook page.

Are the guys with border shirts in your FB / twitter pages members of VST ZONE?

Yes and no. This is photo from the past when VST zOne had 4 people.

Can you tell me your background / educaion as VST instruments designers?

Well there is actually not background, no education. This is only fun, relaxation and also it is part of my training. I like balance so training body is not enough. So music and vst’s are small part of my brain/mind training.

Didn’t you feel insulted when I described your synths as “insane”? (sorry…)

No. Why should I? Actually your review was cool and really funny. It may look it is only for crazy stuff but you can get some nice sound out of it. Here is track I made with Eclipsis only and it is not crazy sounding https://soundcloud.com/trojakew/strange-event

What do you think is the main feature of VST ZONE’s instruments compared to the other vender’s stuff?

Well you need to know that every plugins were made for my own personal use. Then I decide to share my work and give it to people. So they may lack some basic feature compared to any other synth but also have some stuff that other plugins doesn’t have. For example FM modulation in Eclipsis is unique.

What do you think is the difference between ECLIPSIS + U.F.O.ZE?

U.F.O. ZE is small upgarde to my first plugin I made. There were U.F.O.2 beta that was canceled and Eclipsis was born instead. U.F.O. is more like simple substractive synth while Eclipsis also have other features like extended modulation and unique FM modulation. Difference is quite huge regarding features and sound too. Eclipsis have implemented subpresets feature that was not something you can see before. Eclipsis is also attempt to make simple and user friendly UI.

Why are VST ZONE’s instruments have such a many ways of modulation?

Well maybe it’s look like it have many but there are synths that have much more modulation options. Actually I think modulation options in our synths is below average.

Why do you use complex mathematic functions for modulation?

If you mean LFO based on Ikeda, Lorenz and Rossler attactors then the reason is simple. In order to make more complex shape for modulation user need to combine more sources. That also will require more processing power and user will lose possible source for other sound shaping. So instead he can choose just this one source to make more complex modulation.

What do you think is the most important factors of VST instruments?

Instrument should be user friendly. It doesn’t need to have millions of features but need to have something that is usable and not just revolutionary ultracool never before seen feature – marketing hype. For me most important is minimal or no protection/licensing. Why if you pay for something you need to bother with some crazy protection that only cause problems.

What is your main purpose to supply free VST instruments to people?

Well as I said before stuff I made is made for me but it will be a waste not to share with my work with others. There is no real purpose. Well maybe there is – to show that you can make something for others without asking them for something in return. Smile is enough :).

Do you have any your favorite VST instruments made by the other venders?

Well I don’t have but so far from what I saw and hear Zebra 2 is nice. But I don’t have it. I use mostly Eclipsis :).

Do you have any plans to make new stuff in the future?

Yes. There is almost ready plugin named Stratum which is an unison effect but I’m working on another effect that is based on Amplio idea. It will be next gen Amplio with some really interesting features you can’t see everyday.

Here is screen and some info about Stratum:

Create unison effect with full control of each voice amplitude and stereo position, create stereo from mono, make synced pitched delay or use it as harmonic exciter or harmonizer.
Stratum is designed to create bigger, fuller sound from incoming audio signal. Create (up to) 8 additional stereo voices. All of 16 voices have own individual controls to tweak.

Detune – semitone in range up to +-2 octaves and finetune in cents up to +-1 semitone
Pan & amplitude control
Delay – max 2 seconds with options to sync with host
Highpass filter
Optional gain reduction – scale amplitude without adding compression so output signal will not exceed input signal level.


Let me know anything you want to say to your fans / creators…

Hmm not sure what to say. Well, maybe just enjoy our plugins. 🙂

Supermaster Project (Beta) started.

“Supermaster project” is to make a soundtrack album of an imaginary 2D shooting game (inspired by TRAXTON), and the beta version has just started.

It is on the Bandcamp  page until the album is completed, so download it now freely.

And if you want to join this project, send your own remix, or the original BGM , or the images / ideas of this imaginary game.

The songs that are sent to us can be added to the beta, so it’s a growing up project.

Contact Easy + Nice: loveburger2015[at]gmail.com


Easy + Nice Special EP 008 is available at iTunes, BEATPORT etc.

Easy + Nice Special EP 008, that has 6 trcaks of SASAKI Hiroaki, Pineart, kaetsu takahashi, Jobanshi, Uryuyama Overtone Ensemble and waki, is now available at iTunes, Amazon mp3, Beatport, etc. as well as at our Bandcamp Page.

1. SASAKI Hiroaki – Turn of the seasons
2. Pineart – Milk Me
3. kaetsu takahashi – Whim
4. Jobanshi – Totihuacan [Cassette Dubbing Mix]
5. Uryuyama Overtone Ensemble – Jew’s harp ensemble 20120603
6. waki – Humming


Easy + Nice Compilation Vol.1 Trailer

The first compilation from Easy + Nice label “AIDA” is to be out in 31st July of 2017 on BANDCAMP, iTunes, AMAZON, BEATPORT etc.


Keita Sasaki
Masashi Ximoto
Makoto Murakami
Shintaro Aoki
Keikichi Kimishima
kaetsu takahashi
Cerebrum 24
The Quietist