An imaginary 2D shooting game’s BGM project

We are starting a new project to make a conceptual album, that is to say, “an imaginary shooting game’s BGM album”.

An artist YAMMY made the first trigger of this project, as he composed a song (below) for the first stage of a shooting game in his head “Super master (cho-tatsujin)”, that reminds TAITO’s old fashioned TRAXTON (tasujin) in late 80’s vertical 2D style shooting game.

And when he applied this song for our normal compilation that was started before, he asked me and other Easy + Nice’s artists to make more professional sounding remix of it (the original was made with Nintendo 3DS).

But I thought It might be fun to make another album based on this idea, and want to gather more art, music, ideas, story of the game, etc. for it.

So give me a contact if you are interested in this story, and let’s make something interesting together.

Things are just started, and I want more people to join this project.

Send us your own remix, new trax, arts, or anything related to this new adventure.


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Released “Spica” by ricrdo

Artist: ricrdo
Title: Spica (EN-007)
Issue: March 15, 2017

1. Eeee 01:56
2. f o r the 01:46
3. sorglegt 02:15
4. am 01:57
5. 52A 02:41
6. her 01:57
7. Sinilluarna 02:01
8. unstability 02:07
9. blossom 01:21
10. come back 02:11
11. yawarakai 01:22
12. futari 02:15
13. slow monotony 01:49
14. z Zz Zz z 01:32
15. 4 e v a 01:59

A re-selected album of the Lithuanian track maker ricrdo. Beautiful and sensitive wave music from the new generation, under the influence of emo, anime-trap, post-rock, Japanese ambient, etc. The songs are chosen from his several past releases, and remastered in a gentle way for bedroom listening.

The new release is very close

Months have passed after releasing our last stuff, but the next one will be out in the near future.

This is the part of the cover image, and the sound sample will be up at our soundcloud page very soon. The delicate electronic music from Lithuania!