kaetsu takahashi

A Guitar-and-effects masterĀ in Tokyo. Ambient, Noise, Improvisation and Experiment. His music is also released from a German label “Spheredelic”, and his unit with Damo Suzuki (ex. CAN), “Sabachtani” released it’s music from a Serbian label “Splitting Sounds Records”.


SASAKI Hiroaki

A tech-house, minimal techno track maker, based on Tokyo and Kurashiki-city of Okayama. Beautiful dance tracks made of essential elements. He runs his own label “Yotsume-music”, and has released 3 vinyl records from it. His live performance is very popular in many cities in Japan, and he sometimes makes a gig abroad as well.


Uryuyama Overtone Ensemble

A unique world-music group in Sakyo-ku area of Kyoto, which is known as one of the most laid-back place in Japan. They play traditional world music, and also make some improvisation with jew’s harps, voice, percussions, ipad, rice-cooker-bowls and string instruments in many festivals, temples, and so on.



A delicate ambient / electronica musician in Tokyo with skills and quality. His style is based on his own field-recordings, and carefully processed samples. He has been inspired by J-Pop and game music as well, and used to be a drummer of alternative rock bands, before making music with PCs. His first album is released from stuk Label in Tokyo.



An electronica composer living in Kyoto, who makes meditative drone / minimal repetition with synthesizers. Released music from Traum / Trapez in Germany, Further Records in US, Databloam in Netherlands, etc. The label runner of “Easy + Nice”.



A unique and youngest talent from Osaka electronica scene. His style is very progressive, and based on modern classical music, rock, digital, etc. He belongs to “Night Safari”, which is a group of talented electronica track makers / DJs in Osaka.



A young and talented track maker from Lithuania. Started creating music since around 14 years old, and until around 19 he’d been listening to post-rock, screamo and emo music. After a while he discovered soundcloud, and all that soundcloud-wave, 808-anime-emo-trap stuff. Underground producers like suicideyear, terio, Friendzone were his idol then. And his internet friend Max Kemmett (MOMENTS) opened his eyes to beautiful, clean aesthetics of Japan, Japanese culture that inspires him a lot. Now he is listening mainly to beatless ambient music, like Celer, Gallery Six, Chihei Hatakeyama, hakobune and other similar stuff.