WAKI “Orgelbüchlein” Released today

WAKI / Bach Orgelbüchlein

Released today.

Waki, here as a sutra copyist, had been programming J.S. Bach’s short organ works for weeks using his favorite music software “SunVox”, and finally made it out as an soothing and fantastic album, that contains carefully selected quiet pieces from “Bach Organ Book”(except track 10).

Track 9 “I call to you, Lord Jesus Christ” may be the most famous song for being used as a theme of “Solaris”, that is a film of Russian director Andrey Tarkovsky.

As to J.S.Bach’s organ works, you may easily think of his magnificent “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”, but here in this album, all the songs are more quiet, calm and meditative.

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